Whether you are a Little League team player or on the college team for your state university, you can feel like a major leaguer when you walk up to the plate with your own custom batter beat! Pick your style of music ( hip-hop, rock, country, epic ) and leave the rest to us. The fans will hear your name, your jersey number and your music when you walk up to the plate.

Moms will treasure having this custom sound to use at the game on Facebook or as your own ringtone!

Batter Beats are customized music of the player's choosing with a professional voice-over of the player's name and jersey number being announced as they walk up to the plate or when they score for their team. All Batter Beats come in a MP3 format, playable from any device. Batter Beats will add excitement, enjoyment and lasting memories for the parents, grandparents, coaches and players. 

Batter Beat is $50 and includes:

  • 8 seconds of customized music style ( hip-hop, rock, country, epic ) in MP3 format

  • Professional voice-over of name and jersey number